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Minaudieren, Compacst, Vantiy Cases, Schminkdosen

Louis Kuppenheim fertigte viele verschiedene Formen und Ausführungen an Minaudieren her. 

Sehr selten findet man gleiche Stücke.

Louis Kuppenheim produced many different Shapes and finishes. 

You very rarely find the same piece again. 

einige Schminkdosen, Minaudieren, Compacts, Silber Silver enamel emailliert mit drehbleistift with propelling pencil lk lr kuppenheim Louis

Schminkdöschen Silber emailliert Hartglasemailliert. Handbemalt. Handpainted hard glass enamel. Louis Kuppenheim Pforzheim

935 Silver. Marked HB. Not LK. The sections inside are typical LK.

Fully covered with Hard Glas Enamel. Very heavy. This piece weighs around 300 gramms. Made in 1925. See the Japanese influence. Hand painted in black and gold.

This piece was imported to France. Every single piece has 2 Swan marks next to each other (marked on the pieces).

On the side you find a propeling silver Pencil, for writing on the Ivory Pad.

Zigarettenetui mit Schminkdose emailliert silber louis kuppenheim, Cigarette Case with minaudiere compact. Silver.

This engine Turning is also typical for LK. You find this or very similar e.g. on many other cases, boxes etc.

This is the halllmark from around 1925

Pretty rare in the original box.

Notepad in Ivory. On the side there is a propelling silver pencil. On this model unfortunately missing.

Set with several Cabochon genuine Rubies. Also the eyes are set in Rubies.

Ivory Notepad for writing

Schminkdose Art Deco mit Eierschalenemail. Eierschalen Email. Eggshell Egg shell enamel minaudiere compact.

This is a very rare piece. Made with Eggshell Enamel. Also great pyramid shape. In nice condition. These and similar pieces where made from LK also for Dunhill.

Lippenstift Fach, with Lippstick Silver Silber

This Compact is still available by Pushkin Antiques. Its for sale on Ebay. Thanks Pushkin for letting me have the pictures.

Schminkdose mit Lippenstift Silber von Haug und Manz Mantz, Silver compact with lipstick. Enamel. Emailliert

This small compact is made by Haug & Manz Pforzheim.

Even the hinge is with a pattern. Nice detail.

Schminkdöschen mit Lippenstift /Spiegel von Emil Brenk um 1925. Silver compact with lipstick/Mirror made around 1925 Emil Brenk.

Schminkdöschen mit Lippenstift /Spiegel von Emil Brenk um 1925. Silver compact with lipstick/Mirror made around 1925 Emil Brenk.

Importstempel /Import Stempel Frankreich /Paris. Impormarks for France Paris. Art Deco.

Every single piece is marked with the French import mark. Swan.

Made by Emil Brenk, Pforzheim. They made many enameld striker lighters. They still excist today.

with small saphire buttons. Mit Saphirdrücker. Saphir. Silber.

This compact is very similar made to the LK pieces. Also with genuine Saphires.

Small Compact with English import Marks.

This could have been made in Germany. Unfortunately the makers mark is rubbed. You only can see an L and something that looks like K?

By pressing the button the top flips up.