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The selfwinder lighters made for Dunhill.

Selfwinder Dunhill lighters were made in several different versions. Most are from La Nationale and have a larger watch dial than the standard watch lighters. Rarely you find the selfwinder with a square large dial. You find them in Silver and Gold.

Selfwinder concealed watch lighters gold silver movado dunhill feuerzeuge benzinfeuerzeuge mit automatischem aufzug

Above a fantastic picture: 7 selfwinder Dunhill lighters: 2nd back in Silver with large Movado movement. Behind the selfwinders you can see the also very rare Concealed watch lighters.

watch lighter selfwinder dunhill gold 585 14c.

This modell was made in the USA. Solid 14ct. gold.

movado watch lighter dunhill gold

The watch dial is marked Movado

selfwinder dunhill us 14ct. 585

Notice when openeing the watch case...the liftarm also comes out