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Nice Art Deco french lighters

All in 18ct. gold - partly with enamel - and in good condition

This french 18ct. gold lighter is one of my favourites. Never seen a second time. Maybe it was made as a one of from a goldsmith.

Gold and enamel and in great condition.

gold lighter with picture frame france paris feuerzeug bilderrahmen

By turning the medaillon 360 degree in one direction......

picture frame lighter gold french 750 18ct. 18c

....the medaillon comes up....

picture frame lighter

Great quality. Very slim and heavy. Made around 1930. With opaque enameld white stripes. Similar to the Cartier and Faberge modells.

picture frame lighter 18ct. 750

...and a picture frame appears.....

vca arpels chanteloup mauboussin

4 french lighters in 18ct. solid gold


above top: blue enamel & gold Van Cleef Arpels above: chanteloup gold Paris

French, unknown maker