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The Dunhill Watch Lighters

Dunhill Watch lighters were made from 1926 onwards. Many thousends where made. Each watch lighter has a different number. Normally the bigger the number the later it was made. Many different sizes, shapes, finishes where made. Made in Silver. Gold and rarley in Platinum.

Here a grout of 5 Dunhill "Sports" lighters. The "Sports" modell indicates a windguard. 

Dunhill watch lighter spors modell 5 pieces gold silver usa switzerland

Most Dunhill watch lighters where made by the swiss company "la nationale". Some where made in England and America. Very few where made in Germany by Sarastro.

dunhill sports lighter uhrenfeuerzeug benzinfeuerzeug fuel petrol petrollighter

The left gold lighter was made in America

dunhill sports lighter

Lighters open. To come to the watch movement another compartment has to be opend.

Extremely rare silver Sarastro watch lighter, Made for Dunhill

sarastro silver lighter made for dunhill uhrenfeuerzeug petrol benzin

sarastro lighter silver watch made for dunhill

catalogue sarastron kinkel adolf pforzheim

Same mechanic also was used for travel /pocket watches

Here a collection of Dunhill watch lighters.