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The Compendium 

The Compendium was introduced around 1930. Many differnt versions where made in Gold and Silver. 

They where equiped with the following: Cigarette lighter, stamp container, powder compact, (concealed) watch, telescopic pencil, lipstick holder, ivory pad, pocket knives etc. Some only with a few functions, others with up to 8. Only some where marked with BANDO. 

2 Dunhill 9ct. Gold 375 compendiums feuerzeug benzinfeuerzeug schminkdose minaudiere

2 nice 9ct. Gold compendiums, which will be looked at closer below.

The smaller Compendium contains the following: A lighter, a stamp container, a pencil, note pad made of ivory, a watch, a lipstick a compact and a mirror. Weight: 239 gramms.

This is the smaller version. Made in 1936. London Hallmarks.

compendium gold smaller version lighter

Made of solid 9ct. gold.

compendium gold 9ct. dunhill stamp container

Concealed Stamp container.

dunhill compendium side 9ct. 375 gold, hinge for propelling pencil

On this picture you can see left: Concealed press button for opening the watch (flips out), right side is a concealed pull out propelling pencil.

compendium side dunhill, press button for watch and pencil

pencil from compendium

Perfect workmanship.

compendium gold open mirror

By opening the main case a mirror reveals.....

dunhill compendium gold open

......open the next lid and the compact can be used.

Dunhill comendium compact ivory pad

Behind the mirror is a ivory pad.

Dunhill compendium gold flip out watch

By pressing the concealed button on the right side the watch flips open

compendium compact lipstick

The lipstick is held by a clasp.

All pieces are hallmarked.

All pieces are hallmarked.

The larger Compendium equiped with the following: A lighter, a cigarette case, a note pad, a propelling pencil, a pocket knife (two blades), a ruler and stamp container. Weight: 289 gramms.

larger compendium gold lighter minaudiere feuerzeug 9ct. london hallmarked

This piece also is in great condition.

Compendium close up ruler

On both sides you can find a ruler engraved.

backside ruler compendium art deco

Backside of the case with ruler

compendium behind the watch concealed is the stamp container

Behind the watch concealed is the stamp container.

compendium cigarette case open

Here you see the cigarette case (coin is reflecting from lid).

compendium ivory pad gold lighter

Between the lid you can find an ivory pad

compendium half open gold

This piece was made in 1936 in London.

compendium large pencil and knife

Under this lid (positioned opposite to the lighter) is a propelling pencil and a pocket knife.

compendium pocket knife and pencil

The pencil has hallmars of 1935.