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Fancy shape Dunhill lighters.

The fancy shaped Dunhill lightes you can find in silverplate, silver, gold and also with enamel finishes. With watches without watches, pocket lighters and table lighters. Most pocket watches are from La Nationale Switzerland. The Table models all seem to be made from Louis Kuppenheim Germany. Silverlated pocket lighters are quite common. The silver and gold preferably in good condition also with enamel are rare and expensive. 

Pocket lighters:


fancy shape dunhill lighters lighter feuerzeug silver plate

Above: Silverplated Dunhill fancy shaped pocket lighters

Fancy Shape Dunhill pocket Watch ligthters:

fancy shape dunhill watch lighters gold silver enamel swiss la nationale

8 fine fancy shaped Dunhill watchlighters. The back 3 in gold. In front partly with enamel


fancy shape dunhill silver and gold

The silver fancy shape (middle) has a curved Dunhill arm and a rectangle watch face. The fancy shape on the left picture (left corner) is similar only with a straight arm and oval watch face.

silver watch lighter dunhill enamel emailliert emaille email feuerzeug

Extremely rare in silver and enamel and in fairly good condition

dunhill watch lighter fancy sahpe silver enamel art deco

...and another one. This shape is even rarer to the one picture to your left.

Fancy Shape Dunhill Table  ligthters:

fancy shape dunhill watch lighter table silver enamel feuerzeug benzinfeuerzeuge sammlung

Set of 5 Dunhill Fancy shaped lighters. Two with watch, which are very rare.

hard glass hardglass enamel table lighter kuppenheim louis germany silver

Most of these table lighters are made of Silver and were made by Louis Kuppenheim.

dunhill kuppenheim table lighter fancy

This piece is in very good condition.

louis kuppenheim oil lighter table fancy silver

This piece is also marked with LK. Normally they are not marked like this.

fancy shape dunhilll table kuppenheim

This Kuppenheim piece has a scene on both sides which makes this piece even rarer.

fancy shape dunhill table lighter silver

fancy shape dunhill table lighter silver

with watch table fancy dunhill lighter

Extremely rare with a watch

fancy shape dunhill table lighter silver

fancy shape dunhill table lighter silver laquer kuppenheim pforzheim louis

This piece seems to be laquered rather than enameld. Also Kuppenheim.